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the world needs YOU

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"You have the power to change your life, your city, and your nation.

Step into freedom and unlock your heart."

"I pray that you be in health even as your soul prospers."
God designed you to be symptom free, untriggerable, courageous,
and strong. He made healing the centrality of his ministry and said "the
kingdom of God is at hand." Your hand. You have everything you need for
abundant life. Today is the day to Unlock His truth and let it manifest. 
Let Him kiss you with the kisses of His mouth.

Be the change the world needs

Identify limiting beliefs...

Meet Annette

Through a 28-year career photographing celebrity and homeless alike, Annette became a student of identity and personal destiny. She travels with world leaders, photographs the victories and defeats of famous athletes, and tells the stories of those who have been born on the streets. Her clients know her as a prophetic voice that creates defining moments in their professional and personal lives.


Named "Idealist of the Year" by Microsoft, her dream of helping people in Africa became a movement called Photographers for Africa in 2006. Impoverished people became entrepreneurs. Other corporations joined in to help her and husband Mike shift cultural complacency and empower orphans in Kenya through another mission called Heart 4 Africa. Today she teaches others to walk in their destiny now and become a beacon of light in their home, at the office, and to the nations. 


Recent projects


Retreats & Workshops

Welcome to Your
Life-Changing Vacation!

We understand the struggles of reaching those breakthrough moments with all of the things that compete for our attention. And also the urgency to get above our present circumstances.  We have travelled through the valleys and celebrated on the mountain tops, suffered seasons of dark clouds, and pulled each other out. This workshop is a road map to connect you with the Creative Flow that's already within you and waiting to be activated. You'll learn how to access God's voice and remove every obstacle for your life, relationships and career. The TripleCord Life Map uses practical guidelines and tools to get you on a journey of freedom and empowerment so that you can express the masterpieces already placed deep within your DNA.


Unavailable at this time

4-night stay at beautiful Sky Ranch or 5 nights in Switzerland

Set on top a 24 acre hill in Redding, California, Sky Ranch provides comfortable living spaces, majestic 360 views of Mount Shasta, Lassen Volcanic Mountain, and the Milky Way on clear nights. Our Switzerland retreat is located near Italy's border on Lake Maggiore with view of the lake and mountains.


Each workshop/retreat includes your accommodations, light breakfast, organic hearty dinners, most workshop materials, and workshop sessions. 


You'll feel rested and re-charged. We're just concerned that you won't ever want to leave. (-: 

for leaders of creative change

Whether your goal is to launch your business ideas or art form to a worldwide market, the Big Screen, or to be challenged in personal growth, the TripleCord Life Map will work for you. 

Annette Biggers Internationally published and awarded top honors by WPPI, Fox LA, and Microsoft, will lead you into  and the process of "creating from the unseen." She will teach you how to develop a custom business model that impacts leaders in the market place. You'll learn how to release originality that heals you and others to become relevant in a fast changing world. 

Jennifer Fix  Professional artist and currently earning a degree in Art Therapy in Switzerland, will help you connect to the voice and movement of Holy Spirit. A graduate from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, she has developed her art from the powerful influence of this community. You'll learn how to create with Holy Spirit and overcome perceived limitations.​

Melissa Joy Dittrich, Author and artist, will share her process for writing and tapping into creativity that is known to recharge the business environment and its employees. Her career in teaching professionally has served well in her endeavor to pass along creative thinking and strategy skills. 

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