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Now is your moment to RISE and SHINE! 


" I can't say enough about this workshop. My soul found rest, and was energized and reignited. It's a soul revival."  -Tara Stone

"You are heroes!...This exceeded my expectations!" -Katja

"It is life-changing. Yes, it is that good. They will help you see yourself as the world-changer that you are."  -Silvia Wolford

"I realized I was only surviving through life. I am on a new journey. Thank you for making me courageous!" -Michéle

"I have felt that since 50 I was weak and going down hill. Since this workshop I feel re-energized and inspired. I want to make a difference and travel the world! WOW!!"  -Heather

"I did it and it was life-changing!! I recommend it 1,000 x 1,000 times." -Beth

"Thank you for an amazing, empowering, God-inspired few days. I felt so affirmed and found that my voice is unique and of value. Thank you for sharing your hearts, stories and calling us higher."  -Sue

You Were Designed to be 




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seeing light

revealing light

Learn from Annette's 28 years' experience of portrait studio ownership, serving high-end clientele, and influencing media and producers. She will help you advance as the prophetic creative voice God designed you to be.

You'll learn practical business and powerful life skills that will help your dreams and goals manifest quickly.

with Annette Biggers



moved by the

Master's Touch

This is soul cleansing and healing! A guided hands-on class designed to help you connect with God's voice and movement using paint on canvas. You'll Learn Jenny's process and techniques for creating fine art pieces. She will motivate you to stretch and free The Artist within. Whether you're an artist or not, you'll leave with more than new skills, you'll discover more of God's tangible presence that heals and uplifts.

with Jennifer Fix


Prophetic Influence

With Melissa Joy Dittrich

Enhance your life at the office, while journaling alone, or out with friends. Melissa will show you how to pull the prophetic into your daily life, and teach you some helpful steps to making copy that communicates your heart and empowers others. 

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