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Dear Friends,

Every person beholds an unique never-seen-before beauty. To have it discovered and celebrated in an artful image or a flourishing business is a captivating experience of the soul. This is why I love teaching creatives the TripleCord Life Map approach. 

In my 28 years of photographing people, the testimonies of lives changed by the power of connection, love, and celebration is astounding. I believe and have seen that there is healing power in the mere activity of celebrating oneself and allowing another person to "paint" the experience of this discovery. Later I realized that the principles and techniques used in my business of photography worked in every culture and business, from America to Africa and small business to Fortune 500 companies.

Our dreams are powerful! They are meant to build into culture inspiration that takes it to a higher place of existing so that no darkness can prevail. You have the blueprint for making cities flourish and people rise up above their perceived potential.


It would be an honor to meet you at one of our workshops, where we can together make our world a more beautiful place!

With Love,

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Professional Bio

Annette Biggers is a director/producer who began working in the industry as a professional photographer.  Producing three original short films and photographing on the sets of films Unplanned, The Trump I Know, and ReAwakening are a few of her projects. She is currently directing a full-feature film scheduled for production Summer of 2023. 


Her mark of excellence has been noted as an ability to take the audience beyond what the eye can merely see.  She has learned the secret of unveiling the true spirit behind her art, releasing healing and wholeness of spirit, soul and body. Through skillful and comprehensive mentoring through a process of Creative Flow, Annette ignites defining moments.  She helps to bridge gaps that many find themselves stuck in by teaching core identity, courage, overcoming perfectionism, taking risks, and how to stay relevant in a fast changing world. Mentees begin to see their true potential, unearth hidden possibilities, unlock their creative souls, and remove barriers as she presents her newest curriculum, The TripleCord Life Map. 

Annette began her company, TripleCord Photography, with this mission, and it has led to many exclusive opportunities. In 2003-5 she was honored to cover the personal strategies and stories of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson, Sergio Garcia, and Ernie Els as they competed at the Battle of the Bridges golf tournament. Also, trusted by celebrities, TV producers and directors, she created life style portraits, wedding day imagery, and magazine editorials. In 2007 she began traveling Africa telling the stories of orphans in Kenya and Uganda for Heart 4 Africa, of which inspired her first television appearance on Get Married TV and interview with CNN’s anchor woman, Daryn Kagan.


In Italy she captured the life and beauty revealed by Carlo Pignatelli’s designer wedding gowns and in London top designer, Caroline Castigliano for international magazines. 2012-2014 she traveled with Rick Warren documenting stories including Rwanda’s transformation, his church’s impact locally and worldwide, as well as his own personal life events. Annette’s work has been published in many national and international magazines and awarded top honors by WPPI.

In 2018 Annette helped make the movie Unplanned, the true story of Abbey Johnson. Then in 2020 she spent most of the summer working on the movie, The Trump I Know, a documentary including the first family, friends, business partners, advisors, pastor, and campaign staff for Donald J. Trump. And most recently she has worked to make the newest film ReAwakening featuring General Michael Flynn, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and 70 other historians, doctors, nurses, scientists, pastors, and entrepreneurs, released November 2021. 


Since 2014  she has focused on teaching and speaking to diverse audiences interested in creativity, personal healing, influence and business. 

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